A Reflection on Rabiger

51P++w3Go9L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Rabiger’s emphasis on ‘self-inventory’, where he wants you to discover your own issues and themes, how to make the film personal to you, about your experiences. I took this into consideration when initially coming up with ideas about what I wanted my project to be about. I wanted to make something that was challenging, something out there, something that would make people think and change their opinions and ideas. Through countless ideas and going back-and-forth, I finally decided to make my project on drag queens.

Through Rabiger’s advice of observing what is around you, looking at traditional stories as a source of inspiration, and to think about the mood and pace, and how to communicate your film to a global audience. This helped me in planning the structure of my project, I wanted to film something that was local but enable to a much bigger and wider audience. Mood is key in determining the overall direction and feel of your film, so it is important to consider what mood, emotion you are going to be portraying in the film.



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