Filming Exercises

The filming exercises that I did in class, helped prepare me for when it came to filming my documentary. The filming exercises helped me gain confidence with the camera, and I learned how to use the camera fully to my advantage. By learning how to pull focus, set the white balance and what best audio equipment is best to use, really gave me an advantage when it came to filming. As I did  not have to spend a long time setting up the camera, or playing around with it, not knowing what to do. Because of all the exercises that I learned in class, I knew what to do and I was less likely to have any mishaps or make any mistakes whilst filming.


Through the filming exercises that I did in class with my symbolic camera, I gained confidence filming in front of strangers and therefore, I felt more comfortable behind and in front of the camera. I was able to experiment with different camera angles, and try out new things and experiment with the use of the camera. This helped me when it came to filming the real thing, as I felt like I had gained enough experience using the camera to be confident when filming and using it to my advantage.


In group discussions, each of us were able to discuss our ideas about our projects, get feedback from the rest of the group. I found this very useful to get feedback and different people’s perspectives and views on things. It is this part of the collaborative process that I find crucial whenever you are producing a piece of work.

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