First Time Filming


The first time that I recorded, I encountered a few challenges that came my way. Firstly, due to the location of where I was filming (inside a bar) I had to consider aspects such as background noise, music playing, how the use of microphones and people signing would affect the audio and sound quality. So all these challenges I encountered on my first time filming for my documentary. I found myself constantly checking and changing the audio levels so that it would not be distorted or too loud or quite. This proved very challenging. Lighting was also another issue, as the bar was very dimly light and quite dark. I was afraid that the footage was not going to be very good, that you would not be able to see much, or the quality of the footage would not be to a high standard. However, when watching back the footage that I had filmed, to my surprise the quality was good and usable.

Going into filming, I had already an idea about what sort of shots and angles that I wanted to film, which helped me with the direction and flow of the film. I knew that I wanted several close up shots and varied angles to capture the drag queens facial expressions, as well as their make-up and outfits.

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